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Leonardo Clinical Folder

Application created in collaboration with major psychiatric clinics and geriatric patients that are home to residential and semi- residential scheme . Integrally manages the medical record and is used by over 5 years with over one hundred users.
Designed to be able to define and interact with treatment plans necessary to the process of rehabilitation and protection of the host both in health and educational and social reintegration , with particular attention to the relationship operator / patient in the execution of activities and reporting.
Ample space has been devoted to the security of the data and the level of consultation and interaction customized for each user.



E-mail management in sending or receiving with storage dynamic attachments.
Internal messaging system with the possibility to issue circulars with compulsory reading.
Dynamic storage of external documents , pdf , text, images or anything else.
Record name , date and time of the person making any action.
Inserting , editing, searching, sorting , and all functions are guided and follow a safety protocol and control the possibility of error .
Program Structure in 5 languages.
Connect with WHO to define the parameter IDC -10.





Master of regional health care .




Plan for rehabilitation treatment.




Prescribing and administering medications.
Prescription , planning and executing tests and treatment.
Prescription and enforcement of rehabilitative interventions and spotted a group.
Immediate implementation of rehabilitative interventions individual.
Dynamic management of musical stimulation.
Monitoring and recording attendance.








Loading, unloading the drugs according to dose and purchases .
Forecast of demand .
Ability to create dynamic forms for privacy or anything else needed .

This project was created with the help of Dr. Pietro Riccardo Cavalleri Degree in Medicine and Surgery specializes in Psychiatry at the University of Milan.
Since November 2008, Clinical Director of the Foundation AS.FRA . Onlus Vedano al Lambro , where he directs the clinical and rehabilitation that involves residential patients and a psychiatric day center .
For the operative part of the analysis we have valuable aid of Dr. Franco Rivetti former IBM executive , which has developed over time a long experience in the field of information technology , organizational and managerial.
For the part related to the programming of music stimulation we used the collaboration of Maestro Alberto Chicayban.

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